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Paper Products

Of the several variants of kraft paper in our product range [ 80 gsm - 350 gsm ], the major varieties include:

High RCT fluting media

Test Liner

Special strength paper for multiwall applications

TTC grade paper [ high ply bond paper ]

High performance lining [HPL] & fluting [HPF] media

Other specialty custom made variants of recycled kraft paper can also be manufactured at our world class facilities depending on the customer requirements.

Paper Packaging Solutions

For us, our packaging division is more of a service that we provide you our customers than just a corrugated vendor. The corrugated packaging is so much more than just making a box. We firmly believe that each step matters while delivering the final performance of the box. The steps include:

Selecting a paper combination

Moisture levels

Choosing the right glue

Using the most efficient glue application technique for printing

Slotting and punching.

Doing each step with the utmost efficiency requires knowledge and experience. We at Aryan holds the capability for both. We believe in giving our customers maximum satisfaction and hence before any commercial engagements with them, we first endeavor to understand the technical needs of our customer's corrugated requirements. Adhering to it, utilizing our experience and extensive R&D, we develop the optimal corrugated product.

This helps us in being connected to our customers for long enough time and thus ensuring that they procure the optimal corrugated products for their existing as well as new product pipeline. Some of them include:

Corrugated boards ( 3 plies & 5 plies)

RSC cartons

Universal cartons


Wrap around cartons

Other customized cartons

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