1. 1. Aryan Paper Mills

    A snapshot of the newly commissioned Beloitte make paper mill with an installed capacity of 150 tonnes/day.

    Aryan paper mills was started in 1992 to manufacture recycled kraft paper. This was the first step in our backward integration plan. Today, Aryan paper mills is a world class plant matching global standards of emission controls & manufacturing capacity of 140 tonnes/day using state of the art technology. The plant is also self reliant for its power needs with a 2.4 MW captive power plant. We recently concluded our capacity expansion & technology upgradation plan by installing a German made Beloitte paper plant using twin wire technology with fully automated QCS system (smart platform) & fully automated steam & condensate recovery system.

  2.     World class paper in production.

    Captive 2.4 MW co- generation power. Gives us an edge in terms of consistency of production as we are not reliant on state power,besides efficiently using steam.

  3. High tech server and drive room

      Aryan Packaging Industries:

    1.Aryan packaging industries was established in Mumbai in 1948 as a small manual corrugated box factory by our late founder Shri Krishnalal Shah.

    2.Over time, as the demand for our quality products grew, we had to shift to a strategic new location to allow for expansion. Keeping various factors in mind, we shifted our manufacturing to Vapi, Gujrat.

    3.From those humble beginnings, we have grown slowly but steadily, with our guiding values intact, to today, where our packaging division comprises our hi-tech, ultra modern corrugated carton manufacturing machinery:

    –Automatic Isowa corrugating line
    –Automatic Apollo case maker
    –Automatic Ichikawa printer slotter

  4. –Semi automatic Godswill Stitching machine
    –Automatic Oshitani folder gluer machine

    Fully automatic board making machine of Japanese brand “Isowa”. This Isowa machine gives us complete control over the board making process.

  5.   4 colour Ichikawa printer slotter machine

  6. Godswill stitcher machine

    Yue Li Apollo Auto case maker:
    In lieu of the growing demand for our quality packaging products & keeping in mind the customers’ ever increasing requirement for impeccable quality, speed of production & just-in-time inventory requirements, Aryan Packaging Industries introduced the Apollo auto case-maker machine to its range of quality production machinery in July 2011. The auto case-maker enables us to complete the following tasks on one machine with practically zero human intervention:

    • Printing – 4 colour high quality in-line printing
    • Slotting – punching work as per packaging design
    • Folding – shaping the box as per dimensions
    • Gluing – auto gluing ensuring even spread of glue with minimum leakage

    The above automisation reduces the carton making process from a 22 step to a 4 step procedure & significantly reduces human intervention on the product & brings the following advantages to the final product:
    • Exponential increase in quality & strength of carton.

  7. • Minimal exposure to moisture, human interaction & other strength reducing factors.
    • Significantly lesser lead time.
    • Exponentially increased production capacities.
    • Lesser reliance & requirement of skilled labour.
    • Optimal production.
    • Precision & uniformity of production & product quality.
    Please view the attached video to understand the functioning of the casemaker better

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