We view our packaging division more as a service we provide to our customers as against just a corrugated vendor.

Corrugated packaging is much more than just making a box. From the paper combination, moisture levels, glue used, glue application technique to the printing, slotting & punching, etc,each step affects the final performance of the box. Understanding each of these nuances requires in-depth knowledge & experience, both of which Aryan can bring to the table.

Before any commercial engagement with our customers, we first endeavor to understand the technical needs of our customers corrugated requirements. Based on these results, using our experience & extensive R&D, we attempt to develop the ideal or optimal corrugated product that fits the customers requirement.

In this manner, we act as long term partners to our customers ensuring that they procure the optimal corrugated products for their existing as well as new product pipeline.
Some of the standard corrugated products we make:
1. Corrugated boards ( 3 ply & 5 ply )
2. RSC cartons
3. Universal cartons
4. Trays
5. Wrap around cartons
6. Other customized cartons

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