Late Mr. Krishnalal Shah & Mr. Mansukhlal Sheth:

Late Mr. Krishnalal Shah’s story is the epitome of a true entrepreneurial journey. Starting from extremely humble beginnings, Mr. Shah assiduously built his business through sheer hard work & dogged determination.

Immediately after completing his graduation, sensing an opportunity, Mr. Shah thought of venturing into the business of manufacturing corrugated paper boxes.

Typical to most entrepreneurs, he had the vision & the courage to start a business, but not the money. To put together the funds, he partnered with his college friend Mr Mansukhlal Seth, who agreed to take care of the finances while Krishnalal would look after the daily running of the business. Thus was born Aryan Packaging Industries in Bombay in 1956.

Through the years, Mr Shah grew the business from a fledging operation to a flourishing organization. Please read our history to learn more about the Aryan Story.As an individual Mr Shah was an extremely hard working & disciplined man. His work was his top priority,and he excelled at it.He believed in putting his best in whatever he did, and expected nothing less from his colleagues.Mr Shah laid a solid foundation for the company, and engrained the values & ethics he believed in into its DNA.Honesty & integrity were,and still are,the working culture at Aryan.His sons,Rajen & Sunil, made the most of this foundation and transformed the business from a single unit operation to an integrated paper company with its own paper mill, packaging unit & power generation facilities.

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